State of IT Efficiency

Find out what more than 400 respondents globally had to say about solving issues associated with agility, risk and efficiency. This 1:15 video shares and summarizes several findings that can help organizations increase IT efficiency in today’s rapidly changing, highly dynamic, highly shared and distributed environments.

3 Ways Optimization in a Box Solves YOUR IT Problems
with Per Bauer

TeamQuest Director of Global Services Per Bauer explains how to manage services in relation to servers, storage, network, power and floor space. Understand costing data, incidents, business transaction volumes, and demand forecasts. Watch this short video to learn more about Optimization in a Box and how to quickly improve your ability to optimize business services today.

Automating IT Analytics to Optimize Service Delivery Cost at Safeway
with Chris Lynn and Dave Wagner

TeamQuest Director of Market Development Dave Wagner and Chris Lynn, Safeway’s Capacity Manager and Performance Analyst, cover the application of automatic, exception-oriented analytics to a wide variety of IT and business metrics in order to simultaneously optimize service performance and IT cost. Multiple conceptual approaches are shared, including pros and cons. Most of the presentation includes real examples by which Safeway has integrated performance, capacity, business, and power data into an automated optimization process spanning 1000s of servers and virtual servers and their applications.

A Deeper Dive into TeamQuest Surveyor

Take a moment – 3:44 – and discover the robust reporting capabilities of TeamQuest Surveyor. Handle both virtual and physical environments. Get a closer look at the finer details of this automated solution.

An Introduction to TeamQuest Surveyor

TeamQuest Surveyor is the revolutionary enterprise capacity management software that can help you accelerate business and optimize IT services. In this short video, we’ll cover several of the product’s benefits and a use case example.