BenchTech Software is TeamQuest’s Representative in India and brings its customers cutting-edge tools and services in the area of IT Service Optimization (ITSO) and Capacity Management.

We offer the following services using TeamQuest tools:

IT Capacity Management – We rapidly deliver the benefits of an automated and standardized capacity management process seamlessly using data available from any/all of the existing infrastructure and application management solutions. This is done by employing TeamQuest Performance Surveyor.

IT Capacity Planning – We assit companies re-purpose underutilized capacity, implement structured methods for provisioning servers, and prepare their IT environments for virtualization. We also offers the ability to model the server environment, testing a variety of “what if” scenarios against proposed server configurations to determine the most efficient use of capacity and server resources. This is done by using TeamQuest Predictor.

Performance Analysis – We help organizations to consistently meet service levels while minimizing resource costs and mitigating risks. This is done by using TeamQuest Analyzer.