Case Studies

Capacity planning in ČSOB

Czech Republic financial institution ČSOB explains how IT successfully monitors, manages, and reports the performance of its heterogeneous infrastructure which provides services to more than 3 million clients and 8,000 employees.

A Single Solution to a Shared Problem: Using Automated Analytics

Discover how one of the largest American supermarket chains mines and analyzes IT and business data to ensure all levels of the business understand their business and capacity risks.

Enterprise Drives Success with Business Metrics, Data, and Automated Forecasting

Enterprise Holdings automated its reporting and forecasting routine, driving predictive analytic accuracy, reducing staff resource time, and providing data to the business that made sense to the business.

Financial Giant Cuts Costs and Finds Simplicity in Data

How did a Fortune 100 company simplify processes, reduce spending, and maximize asset utilization, all without increasing risk to the organization? An IT leader inside one of the world’s largest financial services organizations shares how he was able to declare “mission accomplished” on those requests and more.

A leading international clearing house achieves cost avoidance of more than £1,000,000 in just six months

Find out how a global leader serving major international exchanges and platforms saved £1,000,000 in just six months with ITIL processes and capacity management tools.